A systematic savings tool that lets

you borrow more than you've saved

Unlocking the potential of group savings

The world over, one simple and powerful idea - saving and borrowing within groups - has allowed millions of people to achieve their financial goals.

Saving with a group enables you to save systematically and reap the rewards of the group's total savings whenever the need arises.

This form of community finance, formally known as chit funds, is a faster and more efficient format of savings and credit.

The most versatile financial tool

Easy to understand

Pick a group that best fits your goals, make regular payments, earn better monthly returns than comparable financial products, and borrow when you need the money.

A single tool to save money and get loans

Unlike most financial tools that serve only one purpose - saving or borrowing, the innovative chit fund enables you to save and borrow from the same pot.

*Not subject to market risks

Market performance doesn’t affect your savings in any way. Your money is saved with your group alone, keeping you in control at all times and free from market risks.



Kye is a Korean word that means a social agreement between a group of people on the basis of coexistence, mutual growth, faith, and trust.

Chit Funds in India have followed the same principles for decades and are the preferred financial tool of millions.

Three simple steps to save for your goals

Join a group

Join a group based on your savings goals and monthly commitments.

Start saving

Every month, save the pre-decided amount with the group.

Borrow when needed

When you’re ready to spend on your goals, borrow the amount from the group.

We believe achieving your goals should be easy and simple. KyePot groups is the new way to save and borrow for the things you want. Once you join a KyePot group, you can effortlessly track your progress and take charge of your financial goals.

Transparency at every stage

Better returns for savings, lower borrowing rates

Easy digital transactions

Goal setting and tracking

Legal processes and compliance to safeguard investors

Earn referral incentives and save money for free

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