Empowering you to achieve your financial goals

We don't believe in a path just because 'common wisdom' says so. At KyePot, we believe in finding better solutions to problems.

Finding a better way forward

What do you do with a problem that baffles some of the best minds in the world?

For our founders, Sidd Gandhi and Kiran Lakhotia, there was only one thing to do - work towards a solution.

India's financial inclusion problems are not easy to decipher. However, what is clear is that the prevalent financial system was not designed to handle the unique problems that this mysterious land called Bharat poses.

Sidd realized that group savings & lending - i.e. Chit Funds, which have been the lifeline of middle-class India for decades - can greatly benefit the common man through digitalisation & transparency.

That is why, Sidd & Kiran have built a team that is using the power of algorithms, encapsulating behavior science, and employing social risk management to create the best chit fund experience that the world has ever seen.

Tackling the dichotomy of the Indian market

On the one hand we have the savvy shoppers like you who understand the perils of traditional credit - compounding interest, unclear terms, hidden fees, and more. We are working on friendly and transparent solutions that not only help you achieve your goals today, but set you up for a bright and financially sound tomorrow.

On the other hand, the large masses of the country are languishing as the un-banked or the under-banked segment. They don't have (easy) access to regular financial services and especially in times of dire need, are left wanting. We aim at solving this financial inclusion problem that the country is plagued with.

This is us

Aayush Parasrampuria

Finance Manager

Akshat Sharda


Akshay Laddha

Data Scientist

Arijit Maiti

Product Marketing Manager

Jawahar Ramvath


Kiran Lakhotia


Kunal Chaudhary


Onkar Saravade


Pankaj Karamchandani

Product Manager

Pavan Sharma


Shradha Kampani

Head of Product

Sidd Gandhi


Yusuf Dadarkar

Head of Digital Marketing