A systematic savings tool that lets

you borrow more than you've saved

Unlocking the potential of group savings

The world over, one simple and powerful idea has allowed millions of people to achieve their financial goals.

Saving with a group enables you to save systematically and reap the rewards of the group's total savings whenever the need arises. This form of community finance, formally known as a Chit Fund, is a faster and more efficient format of savings and credit.

With Chetana you can participate in groups starting from as little as Rs. 5,000/month and borrow as high as Rs. 7.2 lakhs.

Three simple steps to save for your goals

Select a group

Find the right group based on your savings goals and commitments.


Sign up and download the app to get started.

Save and borrow as needed

Start saving every month and when you’re ready, borrow the entire amount from the group.

Nurture financial discipline, achieve 3x savings success

Research-proven financial wisdom states that saving with groups helps individuals stick to their savings goals, leading to 3 times more success in achieving financial goals.

Benefits of a Chit Fund

Easy access to cash when you need it

Plan ahead and never be delinquent again

Reach your short- and mid- term goals faster

At KyePot we're passionate about providing you better alternatives to the mainstream finance options. Our entire team comes to work everyday for just one reason - to find the best way to help you achieve your financial goals.

Transparency at every stage

Better returns for savings, lower rates for loans

Easy digital transactions

Goal setting and tracking

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In partnership with Chetana Chits Pvt. Ltd.

Trusted by the people, registered with the government

We have partnered with India's fastest growing chit fund, Chetana Chits, a legally registered company under the Chit Fund Act of 1982.

Chetana Chits is part of the Nava Chetana Group of Companies, that serves more than 2 lakh customers from 50+ branches and has assets worth Rs. 200 Cr under management.

Before starting every chit group, a Fixed Deposit for the entire group's chit value is created with a nominated bank and registered with the Deputy Registrar of Co-Operative Societies. We follow all regulations and compliance guidelines set by the government, thereby ensuring complete safety of your money.