A better way to achieve your financial goals.

We call it life planning.

There is a lot of life to be lived between now and retirement. Setting short- and mid-terms goals is important to ensure you make the most of your money.

With our smart, goal-oriented saving and borrowing chit groups, you can plan your way to a better life, with ease.

Settings goals helps in achieving targets

Numerous studies have concluded that people who set personal goals and have a specific plan to achieve them are more likely to achieve success.

Our goal-based saving technology allows you to set and track your goals for every group, helping you accomplish your goals faster.

Plan ahead.

Save less, achieve more.

The more time you give yourself to achieve your goals, the lesser you’ll need to save. Along with spreading your savings over a larger duration, planning ahead allows you to maximize the benefits of dividends you can earn from your group savings.

Save till you need to borrow

Our goal-tracking technology analyzes your saving needs and accordingly recommends the best scheme for you. However, we understand that even the most meticulous plans can change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Planned or unplanned, whenever you need to borrow, our ROSCAs offer the flexibility of withdrawing multiples of your savings from the group.

Gain control and clarity over your finances

Goal-based planning offers you a greater understanding of your fund allocation.

This in turn allows you to make smarter investment plans to meet short-, mid-, and long-term life goals.